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gone fishin’

October 2, 2008

yeah, so i’m pretty much outta here.  not for good, mind you.  just life and politics and oh, yeah, that whole getting married thing.  my world is shutting down on friday at noon to pledge my life to the man that i love, spend time with my friends and family and get the hell out of amerika for a few weeks.

catch ya on the flip side, blogosphere!



July 3, 2008

yeah, yeah.  it’s been a while.  do you think i didn’t realize?  i’ve actually been quite busy.  thank you very much.  if you thought planning an akawedding was hard, try running for public office.

yes.  you heard me right.  i’m running for public office.  it’s a tiny, unpaid office.  but it’s public and i actually have to convince people to vote for me.

so, yeah.  i’ve been busy.  and totally overwhelmed.  although i’m super excited about the prospect of winning i am an impossibly lazy fuck who sees all of the work ahead of me and thinks, “why did i agree to do this?”  the fact that i will be out of the country on my honeymoon for the three weeks before the election doesn’t bode well for my chances of actually being elected.   

my other problem is one of self-confidence.  the worry that i will “fail” in one way or another weighs heavily on my mind.  will the copy on my website and campaign literature convey my message enough?  can i answer potential voters’ questions clearly enough?  do my stump speeches come off as intelligent and natural enough?  am “i” enough?

of course i hope so.  and it will take every ounce of me to make it so.

wish me luck!


dirty laundry

June 10, 2008

it all started with the laundry.  but before i knew it i was leaving for work, my ring and a note on his desk, while he was still in the shower.  “if we can’t even figure out laundry, how are we supposed to figure out this” with an arrow pointing to my ring. 

we’d also fought the evening before.  feeling frustrated, backed into the proverbial corner, i did the one thing i do best.  i acted like a complete and total child.

i hope he can forgive me.


you may be a social retard if…

May 26, 2008

your neighbor’s new roommate comes over to your patio to say “hey” and you can’t fashion a response.

your neighbor’s new roommate asks what wine you’re drinking and although it is a very nice italian chardonay and pinot grigio blend, thankyouverymuch, you simply say “it’s white and it’s cold!”

upon seeing your neighbor’s new roommate cross the threshold between their patio and yours you immediately IM your boyfriend who is upstairs, “NEIGHBOR!!!”



yeah.  it’s as funny to you as it is to me.  shudder.




may eighth

May 8, 2008

today, my father has been dead ten years.  he passed on a friday late in the evening.  through shattering pain, he’d called his sister that morning to say goodbye.  by the time my brother and i were called to his bedside he was unresponsive.  i remember holding his hand, small and dry, and stroking his forehead.  his mouth was flung open and he loudly struggled for breath as his girlfriend, a southern baptist turned christian metaphysician, hymned still louder the twenty third psalm.  in an instant i was half way to becoming an adult orphan.

today, my father has been dead ten years and i find this to be true: the space between an independent woman and a girl who needs her dad is very small.


too much of a good thing = nothing good at all

April 25, 2008

mr. D and i have been in serious negotiations over the last few days about how we should be spending our time.  these negotiations have been heated, turning cuban missile crisis-esque quite quickly.  JFK is played by mr. D, yo soy Castro and the USSR is this nebulous mix of drinking, partying, staying out late, sleeping in late, not eating properly, working out sporadically and generally being lazy.  castro and the USSR are LikeThis and JFK ain’t havin’ it.  mr. D hasn’t issued any key policy changes YET but he has ordered increased surveillance of the situation to assess any potential damage the USSR has or could cause(d) to his homeland.  castro is pretty indifferent and self serving and hesitant to give up her borracha ways.  ways that either have her stuck motionless or in a perpetual state of motion.  she’s not sure which


movendi uniformiter in directum

April 24, 2008

over the last twelve hours or so i’ve been thinking a lot about newton’s laws of motion.  i’m not quite sure whether i’m in a state of “being at rest” or “moving uniformly straight forward”.  what i have decided, however, is that i need some “force impressed” upon my objects.  stat!