oh why

August 22, 2008

“why, oh why, are boys so jealous”, was the last text message i sent.

this came after an incident wherein (it appeared to me that) mr.D got huffy over my casual nod to a bartender, “sure i’ll have a shot…if he can have one too”.

mr. D happened to walk up during the ellipsis.  by the look on his face he was not happy with my casual way with the bartender.

and this is where the trouble started.

i saw the anger.  and i heard him say, “you’re taking a shot with him?”  he was referring to the aforementioned bartender.

and, i mean, come on.  no!  he offered me a shot and i clearly saw you coming and clearly invited you into the shotmadness and still you want to get all huffy?!

yeah.  he got huffy.  and i got huffy back.

and are we in high school because i could swear this is just like high school.

now i just want to go cuddle him.  because he’s angry.  but he won’t admit to it.

but he’ll get cuddled anyway.


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