let the guest list wars begin!

July 26, 2008

just when we thought the guest list was down to a manageable number…it has ballooned…again.

mr. d and i are both at fault.  it’s a strange dance, this guest list thing.  you put someone on the list who you haven’t talked to in years but neglect to invite someone else who you see every day.  you move things around – take someone off, put someone on.  but the someone you put on has a significant other so that ups the list by one.  and then you get a call from your aunt fifi who says she and uncle bubba can’t come but they’ll send a toaster and you’re all like, “cool!  down two!!”  so you start thinking about whether you should invite that one dude you went to college with who does keg stands on his bare knuckles or that couple that you don’t really know very well but who invited you to their wedding a few years ago.  you invite college friend and couple.  you’re obsessed.

the invitations go out on monday.  i anticipate 367 changes in the meantime.


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