akaWedding updates

May 27, 2008

 – i have a dress!  purchased at a “fine department store” with the help of a close friend who swears she “felt chills” upon my donning, it is exactly what i wanted.  i think.  no, no, i know.  i just haven’t had it on for a few weeks.


 – save-the-dates  are awesome!  we totally ripped off the idea but whatev.  one of us works in a creaative field while claiming he’s not ceatiive and one of us thinks she’s creattive while being totally unsure how to spell the word.  we needed inspiration.


– invites!  done and done.  well, they’re ordered.  go us!  upon their arrival they will need to be addressed, stamped, sealed and taken to the post office.  that task should be completed by mid-july.  for an october wedding?  too early??  i’m sure the theknot.com would have something to say about this! 


 – caterer rocks!  if my caterer was an LOLCat her caption would read – i no PLAN weddings.  i make dem.


 – lights, camera, holy shit this stuff’s expensive!!!  initially we weren’t going to do any major decorating of the akaWedding venue.  but, i saw two pictures online of the space decorated with tulle wrapped christmas lights and fell in love.  i’d given up the idea, however, thinking it was wayyyy outside of our budget ($750 for a professional to come out and set it up.  no thanks.) but the wedding planner is all about it, DIY style!  so, 150 yards of tulle later…  and!  we’re totally going to have a photo booth!  that too will be DIY – digital camera on a tripod with a hand held shutter button.  cross your fingers that it works! 


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