all my friends are leaving

April 27, 2008

perhaps i’ve blogged about it before or perhaps i’ve just thought it a million times – all my friends are leaving.

when you live in a town like mine it’s inevitable.  we are a small sub-urban (not suburban, just less than urban) south west florida city skirted by a larger sprawling county with three colleges and a major brain hemorrhage.  as i’ve heard it described, most folks have “one foot out” of this shithole i call home.

and shithole it’s not.  the city, for all it’s faults, is quite progressive.  there is stuff happening, damnit!  you just have to know where to go for stimulation.  and new york is no more “home” than seattle or chicago or fucking berlin, you bastards.  and i’m sick of people leaving.

i’m more sick of people talking shit about this place like it’s never done them no good.  it put you through college for christsake!  and afterwards it gave you a decent place to live, a decent job and decent friends.  and you just up and leave.  and for what?

maybe i’m jaded.  maybe i’ve found my station in life and i’m happy.  maybe i like this place and know that once you leave it you long for it.  maybe i’m not one for longing.

all my friends are leaving and that makes me sad.  and if i hadn’t blogged about it before, now i have.





  1. i hope you aren’t talking about me. i really like SRQ. and i definitely have a new appreciation of new college. for me, it’s more just a general anti-florida mentality. but if i had to live anywhere in florida, it’d probably be sarasota. and i’m totally glad you live there because then i can always go back.

  2. I feel your pain. All my friends left me too.

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