journal day

April 26, 2008

yesterday (or today depending one’s  perception) is “journal day” according to a friend who says it’s so.  i really like the idea:

So this is a group project. What I’d like you to do is to keep a journal entry for/on april 25, 2008, and then email it to me (****.****@****.com). i will compile them all and distribute. the final product will be completely anonymous, so please be as honest as you would normally be. do everything exactly as you would in a normal journal entry, but then type it up and send it in. exciting is great, but mundane is even greater. just be natural. and let’s get as many entries as possible; ideally i’d like to make it into a desk calendar-looking thing, with 365 pages/entries from as diverse a group as possible. all right. let’s spread the word, and everybody remember to keep a journal on april 25.

i sent him my blog post from yesterday, which i think is sufficient.  if nothing it was “natural”; it’s what i would have written (wrote? grammar!) on that day regardless.


right now mr. D and some of his work friends are inside the house talking shop.  not that i’m making any promises but maybe i’ll take this time to set up some blog posts for the upcoming week.  maybe i’ll just finish my wine and go to bed.  maybe i’ll make some bread.  talk about mundane.  stay tuned.





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