too much of a good thing = nothing good at all

April 25, 2008

mr. D and i have been in serious negotiations over the last few days about how we should be spending our time.  these negotiations have been heated, turning cuban missile crisis-esque quite quickly.  JFK is played by mr. D, yo soy Castro and the USSR is this nebulous mix of drinking, partying, staying out late, sleeping in late, not eating properly, working out sporadically and generally being lazy.  castro and the USSR are LikeThis and JFK ain’t havin’ it.  mr. D hasn’t issued any key policy changes YET but he has ordered increased surveillance of the situation to assess any potential damage the USSR has or could cause(d) to his homeland.  castro is pretty indifferent and self serving and hesitant to give up her borracha ways.  ways that either have her stuck motionless or in a perpetual state of motion.  she’s not sure which


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