April 23, 2008

in about an hour i’ll visit yet another caterer to discuss food for my quickly approaching “Big Day”.  i wonder how long it will take me to explain to this person that no, in fact, we will not be having a ceremony, kthxbai.  and now that i think about it, i wonder if it would have been easier had i never mentioned the “W” word at all, ever.  now i’ve screwed myself and it’s all unity candle-this and cake topper-that and really i just want to “throw a party” as an observant friend pointed out last night.  and if marriage is an institution, then traditional weddings are the perfect preparation for participating in such a cultural monolith.  and i don’t want to participate.  sure, mr. d and i will get married, legally, and throw a party to celebrate but that hardly means our marriage will look like anyone else’s.  why should our akaWedding?


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