TMI Tuesdays #10

February 26, 2008

Q 1. what can you consider as the greatest thing you’ve ever done for/ to yourself?
A 1. immediately after my mom died in 2002 (literally two days after the funeral) i went on a road trip, by myself, in her convertible. it gave me a chance to get lost and explore myself. i was lucky enough to have a beautiful man join me for the last leg of the trip but that’s a story for another day.

Q 2. what/ which part of your life do you think you could have done better and why?
A 2. without a doubt, my teenage years/high school. my depressive state ruled everything in my life and turned me into a pretty pathetic loser. i gave up. and though i have no regrets, wish that i could have seen the light at the end of the tunnel a little sooner.

Q 3. do you have that one person whom you consider to be the wind beneath your wings?
A 3. my mom.

Q 4. tell us about your longest relationship.
A 4. i’ve written about it on this blog. looking back, although the time i spent with that person was significant in number of years it has been insignificant in impact on my life. i did a lot of coasting through life back then. i wasn’t genuinely happy. now that i know what true happiness is (in and out of a relationship) those years seem like a thin brush stroke on the much larger canvas of my life.

Q 5. in a relationship, when do you get to that point of enough is enough?
A 5. i’m not really sure. perhaps i’d know when the work i put in does not equal the pleasure i get out?

Bonus Q. what is that one intimate moment with someone you miss so much and what are you willing to risk to have another moment of it.
Bonus A. thankfully i don’t have to risk anything. i know he’s coming back and that we have a lifetime of intimate moments to share.


One comment

  1. I wish I had gotten treatment for my depression earlier as well. It clouded my high school/college years greatly. I faked not being depressed pretty well some of the time, but not all. I wish I could have found that light at the end of the tunnel sooner as well. :-)

    Great, thoughtful answers.

    Hope you have a wonderful time when he returns!

    Happy TMI!

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