the simple life

January 16, 2008

a friend asked, nay, demanded that i update my blog.  and i would more often, i swear, but my life is fairly normal and not worth blogging about all the time.  i mean, i didn’t just start school.  i’m not into group sex.  i already have a biketeenage unicorn?  sadly, no.

for reals.  i’m a bore.  i sleep as late as possible.  get ready for work in under 60 minutes.  work until noon.  come home for lunch.  go back to work until five.  come home again.  walk the dog.  make dinner.  eat.  watch TV.  canoodle.  sleep.

i did get a new vibrator for christmas though.  awwww yeahhh.  thanks, mr. d!

but that’s it.  there aren’t many updates in the simple life.


One comment

  1. does that mean you found yourself, as in “searching for myself one word at a time.” you got me onto this blog train and now you’re totally leaving me to shovel all the coal to keep the engine going!

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