TMI Tuesdays #6 (i think)

January 9, 2008

Q 1. do you have/ever had any dating or sex superstitions? if so, what are they?
A 1. not superstitions really but i would always, always prepare for a date is if he was going to see me naked – shave all body hair, lotion lotion lotion, nice panties, maybe a nice bra (or none at all). it would make me feel sexy and powerful.

Q 2. if you were stranded on the old deserted island, and a genie appeared who could only grant you one wish – to bring one person to join you – who would it be?
A 2. mr. d, duh!

Q 3. tell us “weather or not” you’re in the mood — how does rain, snow, sleet, scorching heat, sweltering humidity etc. affect your libido?
A 3. i have pretty acute bouts of SAD during the rainy months here in florida. the resulting depression typically makes me get down on myself which makes me feel anything but sexy. but on hot, steamy, sunny days i’m all sex all the time.  i think it’s the lack of clothing that does it to me.

Q 4. are you a crying drunk, an angry drunk, a ‘I’m drunk, let’s screw’ sort of a drinker? (and, if you do not drink — which one of those things is the reason?)
A 4. all of the above?  yeah, it’s bad.

Q 5. who turns you on the most & why: the activist, the author, the care-giver/healer (nurse, doctor, masseuse, herbalist, chiropractor etc.), the comedian, the educator (professor, teacher, mentor etc.), the model, the musician, the politician, the scientist?
A 5. i’m most turned on by a combination of activist and artist. these types of people are intelligent and creative, pragmatic and romantic – a really sexy mix.

Bonus Q. looking back, what’s the one thing you’ve done which was supposed to be erotic, but didn’t quite work out?
Bonus A. i’m a firm believer that most things can be erotic even if they’re funny or embarrassing so i’ve never really experienced what’s being described in the question.


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  1. goddamned update your blog already! that should be your new year’s resolution!

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