oh snap!

December 20, 2007

as the calendar flips through december’s short days i feel the weight of christmases past settle in. 




it starts as a thin veil of fog in my head.  tricks me into believing a simple, light hearted admission is really a threat to my relationship.  sends me back for one last drink again and again and again.  keeps me under the covers until the very last second. 

before i realize what’s happening, the fog is transformed into a boulder that sits just below my epiglottis.  as i’m sure you can imagine, it’s tough to do anything when a worn rock with a diameter exceeding 256 millimeters is stuck in your throat. 

what’s worse is that my eyes seem to be afflicted with some sort of niagaral disease. all the worse to see you with, my dear. 

this is no fun.

and i’m shameful for all the times i’ve said to myself about someone else, “why can’t s/he just snap out of it already?”  

a warning for the next time:  do not snap the melancholia.  it snaps back.


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