TMI Tuesdays #4

December 18, 2007

Q 1. are you and early shopper or a late shopper?
A 1. always late

Q 2. what is your favorite cartoon (current or passed)?
A 2. dangermouse. without question.

Q 3. on a scale of 1-10, how competent are you on home repair projects?
A 3. minus five, for sure. but mr. d. is a super hot version of bob vila so i have no need for competency.

Q 4. what is your favorite holiday tradition?
A 4. when my mom was alive my family would always have a huge christmas brunch with waffles made on my grandmother’s older-than-dirt waffle iron. those waffles are my favorite tradition. hopefully, when mr. d and i have a few ruffians of our own, i can revive it.

Q 5. describe your best kiss? did you give it or receive it?
A 5. my most favoritest kiss would have to be my first with mr. d (awwww). it was after our first date and for some reason i invited him into my apartment. he was all, “so i think i’m going to take off now” and i was like, “hells no!” and i basically jumped on him and started nom, nom, noming all over his face. it was THE most passionate kiss evah – he has the tongue of two men, i kid you not!

no bonus this week.


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