TMI Tuesdays #2

December 4, 2007

questions and answers for this week:

Q 1. are you a member of the mile high club?
A 1. full on intercourse in an airplane bathroom?  no.  other stuff in and around an airplane bathroom?  yes.

Q 2. What is the most public place you have ever had sex?
A 2. oh boy. i’ve done it in lots of places that could be considered public.  but the most public? i guess that would be at a party. in front of people. for all I know it could be on YouTube right now although the act took place long before YouTube was around. i’m not very proud of my behavior during that particular time of my life. but i do think having sex in a place where you could conceivably be caught is really exciting. i prefer single stall bathrooms ;-)

Q 3. what is your most embarrassing family moment?
A 3. i dropped a pie on the carpet one thanksgiving. i was little and cried my eyes out until my grandmother and great-aunt decided to cheer me up by eating it off the floor.  like the great flood, it is a story that will be retold (in my family at least) for millennia.

Q 4. what kind of birth control do you use?
A 4. in the past i’ve used the pill and the nuva ring and condoms but right now, nada. well that’s not true. i am very aware of my cycle, which is very regular, so cycle beads and the withdrawal method (which only has a 4% failure rate, btw) work perfectly for mr. d and i. hormone based methods fuck me up physically and emotionally and i’m allergic to condoms. plus, i just really like the feel of hard peen in my fuck box.

Q 5. have you ever had sex in the snow? rain?
A 5. ya know, i don’t think i have. good thing i’m still young!

bonus Q. describe your flirting technique: innuendo, telling a dirty joke, talking about sex life, or physical contact?
bonus A. in the past i’ve used a mix of innuendo, in-your-face sex talk and sexually suggestive physical moves.  now my flirting technique goes a little something like this, “hey, mr. d?  can we go upstairs already?”


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