TMI Tuesdays!

November 27, 2007

i’m starting TMI tuesdays.  maybe.  check back next week to see if i stick with it.  i figure it’s a chance, for those who wish, to learn more about me.  i can’t remember where i saw this first but you can find it here.  and since the TMI blog typically posts their questions very late on tuesday nights, i’m going to start with last weeks questions and be in a perpetual state of one-week-behind-ness.  whatevs.

so, without further delay, here are the questions and answers!

Q 1. what is the sexiest gesture a woman can make?

A 1. anything with her mouth.  this can range from eating to sipping a drink to a tiny little purse of the lips.  this goes for men, too.  mouths are just hot. 

Q 2. what are three inevitable things about you?

A 2. i will try to prove i’m right, no matter what; i will say highly inappropriate things, most times of a sexual nature, when i’m tipsy; i will sacrifice my own needs for the needs of others.

Q 3. what do you want…now?

A 3. mcdonalds’ sausage, egg and cheese biscuit.  i’m hungry!

Q 4. what asset do you have besides the physical and material?

A 4. i have a fairly acute sense of intuition.  i have premonitory dreams and have been known to fall into extreme states of deja vu, or more specifically deja entendu (trans. already heard), on the regular.  all of these things, though at times frightening, have been very helpful to me throughout my life.  they’re like little gifts i’ve been able to open and explore along the path of self actualization.  i don’t view them as physical assets in the sense that Freud would.  i don’t think this phenomena is attached to my cognitive function.  i think it’s more parapsychological in nature and therefore extraphysical.  phew!

Q 5. describe a sexy mind.

A 5. one that is creative yet practical.

Bonus Q. what [were] you thankful for this thanksgiving?

Bonus A. i am continually thankful for mr. D and our decision to open ourselves to love.  we didn’t spend thanksgiving together last year; the newness of our relationship prevented mingling with each other’s families.  this year was different and i found myself staring at him while he helped my grandmother pull the turkey from the roasting pan.  he fits perfectly in so many ways.  i’m thankful for the fit.  


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