capital D – Difficult

November 19, 2007

i didn’t think it would be this hard.  i didn’t think depression would grip me.  i didn’t think i would be that woman – jealous of a job. 

m. D has been working like crazy.  ten hour days, that turn into twelve because of the commute, have left me feeling pitiful.

i don’t understand this feeling, the covetousness that comes when mr. D leaves on these long jobs.

part of my problem comes from the fact that these career moves always come at the last minute.  i’m stunned, rendered senseless by the shock of it.  you mean i have to go through the week without you?

and then, when he returns, my eagerness (neediness?) throws our time asunder.

it’s a childish reaction, i realize.  but what can i do to overcome it? 


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