foot in mouth

November 9, 2007

i’ve gone and done it.  i said something that’s upset mr. d.  the problem is i’m not sure how to fix it.  he’s too busy to talk to me.

i have a vague idea of what might be going on.

this morning, as i was still climbing out of bed, he was dressed for work and went over to his mom’s place.  this isn’t terribly unusual, she does live two doors down, but i knew he had to be to work early today so i wondered what the motivation was.

he arrived back home as i was finishing letting the puppy out to do her thing.  he watched me cross the yard from the open back door.  i could tell immediately something was wrong.  his long face gave him away.

“what’s wrong,” i say, “is your mom okay?”

“yeah,” he says quietly.

“so, what did you do over there?  just say hey?”

“yeah,” he says, looking down, “and to weigh myself.”

ah ha. 

ever since going on the detox he has been obsessively weighing himself on his mom’s scale. 

now i, knowing this is an issue for him, instead of being super sensitive, say, “all that chips and salsa you had yesterday didn’t help, i’m sure.”

nerrrrrrr!  X-X-X!!  wrong answer!!

i back peddle and quickly add, “you’ve already lost five pounds, honey. that’s super.   did you put any back on?”

“no”, from him followed by some low-tone yelling about drastically changing his eating habits and not seeing results.

then some stuff from me about how proud he should be and maybe there is more that he could do but that he’s not thought of yet.

and then he says, “i don’t think eating chips and salsa is the problem!”

and i’m saying to myself, don’tdoitdon’tdoitdon’tdoit!!  don’t say what you want to say.  filter.  FILTER FOR CHRIS’SAKE!

“you just won’t take any constructive criticism, will you?”



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