November 1, 2007

as a family law paralegal i deal with issues of domestic violence regularly – women and men physically or mentally abused by their partners.  it sucks, yes.  it opens your eyes to a failed system where victims are forced to relive their trauma, sometimes over and over again, in a room full of total strangers, their abuser and a supposedly blind lady justice. 

but that’s not what i want to write about today.  not really.  what i want to write about today are the cases that clog the pipe.  the husbands and wives that just can’t fucking be nice to one another.  the tire slashing, voicemail leaving, lock changing, heirloom stealing couples who one day feel the need to escalate the drama by taking it to the courts.  but instead of just getting a divorce, one or both of the jerks will file for an injunction for protection against domestic violence which is just a fancy way of saying restraining order.

a hammer to your ferrari or a stolen antique diamond necklace does not an injunction make.  you arrogant assholes.  by placing your whiny ass in the courtroom, you only make it more difficult for the real victims to get the attention they deserve.

and i know it’s likely i’ll catch flack for suggesting this kind of behavior isn’t violent or abusive.  at times it is.  at times this kind of behavior leads to physical altercations or other oppressive actions.  however, at other times, it’s simply a volatile relationship where pot stirrers abound.

to the pot stirrers i say, “grow the fuck up”!

if reasoning with them was possible i would say, “you can’t litigate decorum”. 


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