one year

October 24, 2007

one year ago tonight mr. d and i had our first date.  after a boat load of sushi and bottle of sake between the two of us, we ended up back at my place.  mr. d would tell you that as he moved in for a good night hug, i jumped on him, started sucking his face and wouldn’t let him leave.  i would tell you that as i stood on tip toes to give him a good night kiss, mr. d picked me up and carried me to my bed. 

either way, we’ve only spent a handful of nights apart since.

tonight, we really didn’t do much to celebrate, what with the whole detox thing.  but we did manage to get each other gifts and man, was i outdone.

for mr. d – cufflinks, a filmmaker magazine subscription (sorry, honey, it hasn’t come in the mail yet), and a nice homemade card and note.

from mr. d – A TATTOO!!

yes, ladies and gentlemen, i will be getting my first ink very soon courtesy of mr. d. 

he is the best man who ever lived.

thank you, love.  


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