enter the detox

October 22, 2007

as my previous post indicates, i’ve quit smoking.

no longer will i be huffing that first smoke of the day while driving the excruciatingly short distance to my office every morning.  no more excusing myself in the middle of dinner with friends to enjoy the one-two-punch of red wine and tobacco.  sunday mornings with coffee, newspaper and pack of camels?  not in (the rest of) this lifetime.

although i am grieving, i feel really good about my decision.  after smoking irregularly since middle school and consistently since turning 18, except for one six month stretch in my early 20s when i stopped by using hypnotherapy, it was time to quit.

i knew i would never be able to quit cold turkey – just stop smoking and continue on with my regular routine of bad food, irregular eating, coffee, booze, and late nights.  i knew i needed something holistic but drastic.  something that would take over my life and kick my ass and ultimately keep my mind off smoking…

enter the detox.

there are innumerable ways to go about detoxing one’s body – juice and water fasts, colonics, raw food diets, the Master Cleanse.  i did a lot of research and think i took the simple route by adapting Elson Haas’(The) detox diet which is fairly straight forward and not too restricting.  to read the full Hass plan click here.

my plan is essentially all the raw or steamed veggies i can eat with olive oil, tamari and/or salt, lots of water (and the water leftover from steaming veggies), carbs in the morning (fruit, brown rice and quinoa), protein in the afternoon (lentils, fish or chicken) and all the caffeine free tea i can drink. everything else is out – no coffee, no booze, no dairy, no sugar. i’m also taking lots of supplements – vitamin e, selenium, fish oil and EmergenC for immune support and lymph cleansing, psyllium and senna tea for bowel cleansing, and white willow bark for headache help.

so, how are things going, you ask?  it’s taken me about four days to write this post, that’s how tired i’ve been, and i’ve been suffering with a killer headache from the caffeine withdrawal.  i’m getting my energy back for the most part and i’ve not been hungry or had any serious food cravings.  i have, however, been constantly aware of my desire for a cigarette.  it’s almost overwhelming at times.  i really miss the sense of relaxation i would get from “taking a break” to go outside and smoke.  the great thing about all this is that Mr. D has agreed to participate as well.  he’s been hugely supportive.  i really can’t thank him enough.  [i love you, pf].

i really don’t have much more to say as i’m feeling kinda blah.  maybe later. 



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