cocktoberfest: why are you mo-fos not showing the luv

October 14, 2007

tonight was my friend G’s birthday.  we had dinner and went to cocktoberfest.  loved the cock, loved the beer, loved the night.  it was good.

the night started at “the melting pot” – fondue heaven, if you’re in to that sort of thing.  four hours and a c-note later mr. d and i were stuffed and ready to drink. 

enter cocktoberfest.  two dollar Hack-Pschorr. need i say more?

we arrived at one of our locals after midnight (yeah, we sat down to dinner at 8:15 and didn’t get to the second location until 12.  ouch.).  there was a party goin’ on.  the short version goes a little something like this – five people, five liters, best time wins.

the group watched the festivities with awe for the first and second round.  then mr. d and his gang thought it wise to enter the contest.  but, as far as the owners were concerned, the night was over.  in their defense, they had already shelled out 20 liters of beer and had a winner.  why keep going, right?

little did they know we had a friend among us who works for the local news outlet who happened to have his camera and used his credentials to get another round of beer drinking to commence.

needless to say, there is video of the event.  my peeps drinking and winning even with a penalty of “spilling” and perhaps “puking” (mr. d’s brother) and the other side drinking and drinking and drinking…and then one of the other team puking like crazy.

overall a really fun time.

so, a question for you.  seriously.  i see people coming to check out my blog.  i’ll admit.  it’s nothing special.  nothing.  really.  but wouldn’t this place be that much better with some comments?


One comment

  1. isn’t the love demonstrated by statistics showing that people read your blog? and now you want them to goddamned post comments as well? aren’t you goddamned demanding?

    no, i’m kidding. though to post a comment, i had to sign up for an account. and then i created a blog. you really mucked it up for me now.

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