oh what a night…

October 8, 2007

early-to-mid-october in twothousandseven.

it’s a sunday.  about 8:30.  i’ve entertained.  i’ve watched some football.  i’ve prepped for wednesday’s depositions.  and now i attempt to download music illegally knowing full well i’ll end up logging on to iTunes and paying for the new beirut album.  which sucks.  not the album.  my god it’s good.  paying for music sucks.  my lap top is dying and i wish i had more to say.  mr. D is kindly cleaning the kitchen.  a disaster after chicken soft tacos and beans and rice and about nine diners total.  i need another beer.  scratch that.  i want another beer but have a sneaking suspicion we’ve been drank dry.  checking the download again i see the first track is still “initializing”.  fuck that.  if i have to drink two day old wine i will, goddangit.  maybe it’ll soften the iTunes blow.  i check again and the download has “failed”.  story of my life.


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