Dear Jenna,

October 2, 2007



I was going to wait to write more on this once the transcript materialized in the SoT, but here I am…fuming. I happened to catch the interview this morning before work and again while I was home for lunch. What luck, right?

The gist is that dear Jenna is on a book tour. Apparently she volunteered with UNICEF and has written a fictional novel based on the life of one of the children she met while in Latin America. So interviewer Ann Curry is asking about her courageous work with UNICEF and the awful things she must have seen while teaching in third world countries and blah blah.

And then, of course, the interview turns to the fact that Jenna is GDub’s daughter. And, Oh My Fucking God, she gets all goddamn misty eyed and shaky chinned over all the disapproval her Paw gets for his “word mix-ups”. Yes folks, the whole world hates our President because of his “word mix-ups”.

She says, whimpering, that she tries not to watch the news so she doesn’t have to hear the criticism. Jenna then goes on to say that sure, she and her family discuss The Iraq, but those conversations should be private.

Excuse me?! At this point ya just wanna go for the pencils and live out your remaining years with bloody eye sockets.

Let me get this straight, dear Jenna, you are keeping quiet about this and this and THIS because it hurts your fee fees? You should be ashamed.


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