September 15, 2007

After a great dinner at one of my favorite restaurants , a great Hefewizen at out local and a detour at the Short Stop for smokes, I couldn’t resist taking home a mixed-pack of the two of the best beers known to man.

Two Hearted Ale – A Bell’s brewery masterpiece. I have no idea where Comstock, Michigan is, but Dog Gamn!! they make a good IPA.  This is one of my favorite styles of beer.  Two Hearted has a light to medium pour with a super hoppy, almost skunky smell.  It’s an India Pale Ale, and packs the punch required to back it up.  Crisp and floral, but slightly bitter on my palate with a great spit factor (makes you wanna spit after about two bottles..this is a good thing). Dee-lish!

Oberon Summer Ale – Another Bell’s creation that may just fall short for those of us expecting a huge Hefewizen punch.  I drank mine straight out the bottle.  Perhaps a mistake ’cause the citrus just isn’t hitting me.  All I’m getting is sweet and fizz which is fine at this point in the evening but leaves me wanting.  I’ve had this beer before and really liked it. Tonight it should have been my first, before the IPA .  My taste buds are ruined but it’s good nonetheless.

So?  What are you guys drinking tonight?

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