Last night: How not living up to expectations can be a good thing.

September 14, 2007

So, last night wasn’t too bad. I showed up a before the music started and was able to hook up with the band member friend of mine, A. Sweetie that he is, he introduced me to some other early arrivers and sent my on my way to cruise campus and grab a beer at the Shell station down the road.

When I returned, with big fat Red Stripe in hand, I was greeted by another friend who just returned to the area from an extended summer with the folks. As we tapped our toes to A.’s band, Food Will Win The War, I noticed a few other familiar people in the small audience. Phew.

Before the second band, Sugar Oak, went on I mingled with the few people I knew and got to meet some faces I’d never seen before. I even danced with abandon to the last song of the night. Go me!!

In defense of my earlier post about the anxiousness that often arises when put in a room full of people 10 years your junior, I was, for all intents and purposes, put in a room full of people 10 years my junior. But the anxiousness, however, never really came.

This was a real test for me. It taught me that it really doesn’t matter. So what if I’m older? In some cases, that makes me wiser and, if I may say so myself, cooler. Most of the kids I saw last night were so young and so awkward I actually found myself feeling sorry for them. Well, scratch that, not so much sorry. I suppose the right word would be hopeful and maybe even excited. They have so much potential, so many choices. I think about myself at that age – a scrawny know nothing with low self esteem but heaps of energy – and just think “Wow. Look how far I’ve come”.


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