This Blows

September 13, 2007

natalie dee

So, tonight I’m going to see a friend of mine play some music at my alma mater. Great, right?  Sounds like hella fun, hu?

Not really.  I think I’m too fucking old for this shit! I mean, I’m bound to be five to ten years older than at least 75% of the kids there.

Being super self conscious about my age is something I pretty much got over when I turned 29 in February, but I’m feeling that same ole awkwardness creep back in. At least when I was going to college I was only three or four years older than all of my friends.

What the hell makes me think I can hang with 19 year olds? And who the fuck plays a show on a Wednesday night anyway?  For chris’sake, I gotta go to work in the morning!


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