September 11th

September 12, 2007

“How can we use this attack that was orchestrated mostly by Saudis and ordered by the Saudi leader of a terrorist organization based mainly in Afghanistan as leverage to wage a pointless war on Iraq so that our President can finally show his family that his dick is indeed bigger than his father’s?” – Amanda Marcotte


It’s really strange to me to hear people talk about how united we were as a nation after September 11th. I remember being shamed and ridiculed, online and in real life, for imagining the good that may yet come out of such an abhorrent event – a greater reverence for all human life, perhaps?  I remember my mother, one of the most liberal and compassionate women you’d ever meet, Gandhi-like in her dedication to non-violence, turn to me at lunch just after the attack and say, “i wish we could just bomb them off the face of the earth”. Thinking about that moment gives me that teary, lumpy, can’t breathe feeling in my throat.  What had become of her?  What’s become of us?


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