September 9, 2007

How is it that I can take something as easy as doing the dishes – unload clean dishes from dishwasher, load dirty dishes into dishwasher, close dishwasher – and turn it into an all day event ordeal? Am I crazy?  So far I’ve wiped all the cabinets with Murphy’s Soap, organized the cabinet contents, washed the silverware tray, cleaned and filled the coffee machine, sanitized the sink, dusted the blinds and cleaned the window.  It could have taken me five minutes.  Now, with any luck, I’ll be finished in an hour or so.  Mr. D. and I will have some dinner and then I’ll obsessivly move on to the living room.

Right now, I’m taking a break for a cup of coffee and cigarette and maybe a little cuddle with Mr. D.  Poor kid is working from 7 tonight ’til early tomorrow morning.  So, so sad.


One comment

  1. Let me know next time you get sucked into a cleaning frenzy. I’ll steer you towards my house.

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