What is your erotic personality?

September 7, 2007


Thanks to Ren for this gem of work procrastination…

What’s your erotic personality?

I’m “The Student”.

The Student doesn’t care a whit about sexual boundaries or conventions. New, unexplored, and even unusual sexual experiences motivate this erotic type. Learning is just as exciting as doing, so even research involving no involvement of the flesh can be as arousing as sex itself. The Student possesses an insatiable curiosity about all things sexual and appreciates others who share that curiosity, although they don’t always need that quality in a mate. The Student is compelled to experiment with new sexual pastimes out of a sincere desire to experience whatever pleasure they offer. The Student will often delve very deep into a sexual topic or activity to ensure the experience is complete.

I’d say this is true. I enjoy learning new things about my(sexual)self and I’ll try just about anything once.

So what is your erotic personality?


One comment

  1. Just took that erotic personality quiz myself, and found that I am a “student” also!!… I think of myself as a student in many aspects of life, although I am not in school anymore.

    … enjoy reading your blog… keep it up…

    Sensitive Man

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